Dental Membership Program

At Integrative Dental Wellness, our team believes in providing comprehensive dental care to our community members in Eldersburg, Maryland. To promote this belief, we’ve launched the Dental Membership Program which offers an array of benefits to our uninsured patients and simplifies the process of seeking dental care throughout the year.

Our doctors understand the frustrations of being unable to obtain proper care and preventive treatment due to the complexities of dental insurance. The Dental Membership Plan has been thoughtfully designed to provide patients with access to high-quality medical care at an affordable price.

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What Does the Program Include?

The program allows patients to receive annual preventative dental care such as:

  • 2 comprehensive exams
  • 2 healthy dental cleanings (non-periodontal)
  • 2 oral cancer screenings
  • 1 emergency exam
  • Individual X-rays ordered by the doctor
  • 2 fluoride desensitization treatments

While preventive maintenance is key to a healthy mouth, we understand that emergencies happen. This is why the plan also includes an emergency exam that can be redeemed at any point during the year.

Our program has also been designed to provide 20%-25% discounted access to services such as implants, crowns, veneers, fillings, sealants, and extractions. Periodontal maintenance is 30% off and patients will also receive $500 off Invisalign treatment to get a straighter, happier smile.

What won’t you get when you sign up for the Dental Membership Program?

  • NO yearly maximums
  • NO deductibles
  • NO claim forms
  • NO activation fees
  • NO denial of coverage
  • NO limits on pre-existing conditions
  • NO waiting periods
  • NO compromising on the care you need simply because an insurance company wants to dictate your access to ideal oral health

Program Exclusions & Limitations

This program isn’t intended to be used in conjunction with dental insurance, financing plans, or any other dental treatment plan. The plan is also only valid at Integrative Dental Wellness.

Other limitations include:

  • Referrals to specialists
  • Hospitalizations/hospital charges of any kind
  • Other dental providers
  • Treatment outside the capacity of our doctors
  • For the cost of dental care covered under automobile medical

Additional program guidelines include:

  • Patients pay their portion of the bill on the day of service
  • $50 reinstatement fee if the plan is allowed to lapse
  • No refunds on membership payments (non-refundable)
  • Cannot be used in combination with another plan without prior approval

Annual Cost Breakdown

Type of Plan

Annual Cost

Child (13 and younger) $324
Adult (14 and older) $384
Perio (14 and older) $624

With our membership program, patients can benefit from discounts and save on a wide variety of dental services from fillings, tooth extractions, cosmetic procedures, and even Invisalign. Members receive up to 20% off of these services and can receive annual preventive dental care for as little as $1 a day.