Dental Patient Safety

Our Priority is Our Patients in Eldersburg

Even in today’s difficult times, oral health is still a priority, and so is patient safety. Our practice has a variety of safety measures in place and is devoted to ensuring that you can receive the care you need without compromising your health. Our office can address any oral health and safety concerns during your appointment time in order to ease your mind and provide you with a top-notch level of care. As safety protocols change, patients will be kept updated.

Practice Protocols:

Our practice has implemented state-of-the-art safety protocols within the practice that stay up-to-date with current medical safety recommendations. Some of the offerings we have include full sterilization before and after each patient, as well as PPE and screenings for each patient and staff member daily. In addition, our practice also offers air purifiers in each room as well as a UVC dynamic filter built into our HVAC system. We also offer external biological sterilization monitoring as well as internal rapid readout monitoring for in-office needs.

Patient Impact: 

For our patients worrying about safety while receiving dental care, we have you covered. Our entire team is trained on all hygiene, sanitization, and safety protocols, allowing you peace of mind and relaxation while receiving our high-level dental care services. Masks are recommended for those who are immunocompromised or symptomatic, and we offer free masks to anyone who would like one, as well as for our staff. Our office is also happy to address any additional safety concerns you may have before your first appointment.