Eldersburg Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth Permanently

Are missing teeth making you feel insecure about showing your natural smile? In addition to the aesthetic issues surrounding missing teeth, you may also have additional health and functional issues. Missing teeth can cause uneven bite and chewing patterns, an additional buildup of tartar and plaque, as well as bone and tooth deterioration. In getting implants at our practice, you can restore full bite and chewing capabilities, catch bone and tooth deterioration early, and renew your confidence in your natural smile.

The Implant Process

The implant process may create dental anxiety and fear. However, our office understands these worries and works hard to address them and ease your mind, so that you can get the dental services you need. Initially, you will begin with a consultation appointment for your implants. This may include getting x-rays or molds of your teeth in order to see any damage and determine which implant will fit you best. After we have decided on an implant you will meet with our dentist to get your implant customized, placed, and anchored. From there, our team will provide all necessary aftercare and follow-up instructions.

Benefits of an Implant

There are many benefits to getting a dental implant to replace missing teeth, which include:

  • Overall Increased Jaw Health: When you have missing teeth, your other teeth and your jaw will often overcompensate, causing your mouth to suffer from the additional jaw bone and tooth deterioration. Implants work to restore even balance to the jaw and teeth, correcting any early signs of deterioration and loss of bone density.
  • Easier Biting and Chewing: With missing teeth, you may struggle to bite into tough foods, or to chew sticky foods. This can cause you to miss out on foods you enjoy, or cause damage to other teeth when trying to bite and chew. By getting implants, you can restore full function and enjoy your favorite foods again.
  • Renewed Confidence in Your Smile: Implants are customized to look natural and match your existing teeth, restoring confidence in your full smile.

Implant Related Services

Our practice offers traditional implants for singular or multiple missing teeth, as well as additional services, including implant retained dentures and bone grafting. For implant retained dentures, our practice offers a solution to the normal ill-fitting or loose dentures, by securing your dentures utilizing implanting techniques. We also offer bone grafting services to replace deterioration and provide additional anchoring solutions.

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So impressed with this practice! State of the art equipment but most importantly, Dr. Betts and her staff were so friendly, professional, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. I could tell they actually CARE about their patients as individuals.

— Shannon N.

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